Success Stories & Sponsor Thank You's

Each Sponsor is equally appreciated & responsible for contributing to LASSI, Oceana County Animal Shelter, our communities & many more charities & non-profits. Not one single thing separates them from each other. They all work together to support the needs in our communities. Join us as we look back at some of our highest accomplishments with LASSI, the Oceana County Animal Shelter and our local support.

Shout out to our Sponsors

Gales IGA Grocery, Hart, MI


Thank you to Gales IGA in Hart, MI for supplying our Appreciation Dinner on June 14, 2017 with homemade brats. They were a big hit! Click on their picture to see their Facebook page!


With over 485 years of combined experience, Gale's IGA has been serving Hart and the surrounding area for over 75 years. We are a family owned and operated full-service grocery store.
Our produce department has a great selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, with as much locally sourced as possible.
The deli has sliced-to-order meats and cheeses, salads, hot foods, sandwiches and weekday lunch specials.
The bakery decorates cakes to order for any occasion, bakes breads and buns daily, and has a variety of fresh donuts.
Our meat department has a great selection of quality fresh meat and other items, and great in-store specials.
The dairy department carries Country Dairy milk along with Country Fresh.
Other goods and services include:
Gluten-free section featuring Canyon Bakehouse brand items
Dry cleaning
Check cashing
Western Union
Dry firewood

Bottle/can return machines

We accept credit/debit cards including American Express


Cherry Point Farm & Market


A huge shout out to Cherry Point for letting us use their facility for our Appreciation Dinner June 14, 2017. We also scored some delicious homemade strudels for desert! Click on their picture to visit their website!

Cherry Point Farm is one of the oldest operating farms in Oceana County, Michigan; just a mile from the Lake Michigan shoreline and minutes from the Silver Lake sand dunes.  This area, known as Little Point Sable, is where the sun, sand and lake come together to create a bountiful farming area, as well as one of nature's greatest playgrounds.  Every summer, people come from all over the world to swim, sail, fish, and explore the beautiful white sand beaches and giant dunes ... and of course to visit Cherry Point! 

Hansen Foods, Hart, MI


Hansen Foods has been donating Pet Food for the shelter for years. As well we many many gift basket donations for our silent auction events. Click on their picture to check out their Facebook page for the specials of the day & week.  

In business for 51 years, Hansen Food's is your local community connection for high quality foods, friendly service and great prices.

Enjoy a friendly staff here to help you find exactly what you're looking for and to offer you assistance regarding all the products they carry.
By shopping at their store each week, you accomplish the following ten items:
You keep your dollars in our local economy
You help create local jobs.
You nurture our local community.
You help the environment by buying locally.
You invest in local ownership.
You create more choice in shopping.
You utilize the many years of our experience and expertise in food.
You embrace what makes them different from the larger, national competitors.
You make Hansen Foods a destination!
Every week you will find hundreds of specials throughout our store.

Companion Animal Veterinary Clinic, Shelby, MI & Oceana Veterinary Clinic P.C., New Era, MI


The doctors and staff of these clinics and many more, have made it possible for LASSI & Oceana County Animal Shelter to receive affordable medical care for all our shelter animals. Working as a team, they are able to provide timely service during emergency and routine care. We greatly appreciate their local support and team work. Their substantial care aides in healthy and afforable adoption for the shelter pets. 

Their quick & accurate care has increased the health & well being as well as the turn around on adoption rates & the amount of time these fur-babies have to spend in the shelter waiting for their furever homes. We will be forever thankful to all of these providers.

Click on their link below to learn more about them, hours of operation, reviews, pictures & more.

Village of Pentwater


Many thanks throughout the years to the Village of Pentwater for supporting our fundraising events on the Pentwater Green. They're also a huge supporter of local community events. 

Click on the link below to learn more about them, see whats happening in the area and more.

Peterson Farms, Shelby, MI


Peterson Farms continues to provide us with sponsorship's annually. They are a large supporter of our local community and events. 

Peterson Farms, Inc.
Peterson Farms began processing tart cherries off our own farms in 1984. Our growth over the past years now allows us to market over 125 million pounds of frozen fruits and asparagus each year along with 5 million gallons of single strength apple juice/cider and juice concentrates. 

Please Click on their link below to learn more about them.

Success is a Life Worth Saving

Taproom Fundraiser, New Era, MI


A huge thanks to owner Chelsea of The Artisan Taproom & staff for providing LASSI with the restaurant for our fundraiser May 18, 2017. 

Funds raised are able to help Marley & her pups after Marley had to have an emergency Caesarean. Without the procedure, Marley & pups may not have survived. Click on their picture to find out more about The Artisan Taproom. Special thanks to our Sponsors - Great Lakes Pet Fencing LLC in Hart, Happy Tails Grooming in Hart, Shear Perfections Total Family Hair Care in Hart, The Mitten Gas Station in Shelby & one anonymous sponsor.

The BoatHouse Bar & Grille, Pentwater, MI


Thanks to Mo, Carol & staff, in November 2016 we had a successful fundraiser. They even donated all the food! The shelter was overflowing with animals this past winter. Funds raised helped to provide much needed care to these animals to get them on their way to becoming adoptable. Click on their picture to find out more about The BoatHouse Bar & Grille, Pentwater, MI.

Cass AKA Duke


Duke was found with two broken front legs. Mike from the shelter immediately got him to Oceana Veterinary for assessment. He was then transported to Fremont Animal Hospital for orthopedic surgery. His recovery and rehab in foster care were somewhat lengthy, but Duke was able to regain use of both legs.

Duke, now known as Cass is now adopted by one of our board members, MaryAnne Boom and lives a full happy life.



Rascal came to the shelter as a stray with high energy. After three weeks not being adopted, Anna took him in as a foster. A family was camping in Silver Lake and saw one of our weekly posters in a Hart grocery store. They soon adopted him. Now a note from the family - 

Rascal is doing great with the Family. He enjoys the large pond a lot and the open area. I run him 4 miles a day on the weekends and two miles during the week. he is  getting me in shape. He has a little too much power for my son to walk him for he gets distracted at butterflies and anything that moves. I also ride bike with Rascal and am getting him trained to stay by my side. No accidents in the house but he enjoys outside more. He spends his days outside and a few nights also. He prefers outside. I will have more pictures soon. For he loves swimming and chasing frogs.

The Gentner Family



In 2012 Phillip was picked up as a stray. He was at the shelter as a 3 month pup with high energy. No one wanted him because he only jumped and barked. Anna fostered and housebroke him. He was adopted two times and brought back because other dogs in household picked on him. Third time was a charm. Now a Note from Phillips Owner in 2013 - 

It's been almost a year since Phillip came to live with me; and a wonderful year it has been. Phillip is full of energy and joy. He loves to go up to the dog park and play with his canine friends. He's developed quite a friendship with a Great Dane named Kimber, and a black lab, Reagan. They love to chase each other and play tug-o-war with his rope. I'm thankful for Phil and just thought I'd send you a quick update on how he's doing.

Thanks, Dan Laarman



Kiko was a deaf Pitbull who came into the shelter as a stray and was a shelter favorite right away. He just had this goofy and quirky personality from day one that made everybody fall in love with him. 

Kiko was adopted twice and brought back by no fault of his own. Becca remembers Kiko would sit in his kennel, would never bark but he would follow you with his eyes. He was such a gentle and sweet dog and was the complete opposite of the Pitbull stereotype. Third time was the charm with Kiko and he was adopted by a lady in Fountain, who despite the fact that Kiko was special needs because he was deaf, was more than willing to put in the work it was going to take him to adjust. 

Kiko has a fur sister named Jenny who he has helped come out of her shell and learn to play again. He plays surrogate dad to her kittens and still has his goofy personality. 

The thing that sticks with Becca the most about Kiko is we all knew he'd be something special and that was proven true when Kiko was able to detect the fact that Karin had breast cancer. Karin is currently recovering after surgery to remove the cancer and Kiko stays loyal and helps take care of her. Karin will often use the phrase "who rescued who" and will proudly say that Kiko didn't just rescue her, he saved her. Becca visits Kiko frequently and it amazes her and warms her heart every time that even being deaf, he still remembers us and gets excited each time.