LASSI is in need of Foster Care Homes!

We are looking for Foster Care Homes Immediately. Please take the time to look over the items on this page carefully before making your decision. Or feel free to call Anna during the daytime with any questions you may have or message us on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/LASSI-284783091556133/

Foster Care Goals


  1. A compassionate nature, the cooperation of family, and some knowledge of animal behavior.
  2.  A home approved by the Foster Care Coordinator.
  3.  All other pets licensed and with appropriate shots.
  4.  A stress-free environment for all animals.


  1. To acclimate the companion animal to the indoors.
  2. To housebreak/litter train the animal.
  3. To work with a dog so that it comes when called and walks well on a leash.
  4. To encourage kittens/cats to use a litter box, and to clean litter daily.
  5. To evaluate the aggressiveness of an animal in regard to people, other animals, food, etc.
  6. To integrate an animal into your family.
  7. To socialize the animal be providing normal experiences with other people, in car, in public, etc.


  1. Provide some isolation until the animal can be safely integrated into your home and family.
  2. Monitor the health of the animal and follow through promptly on medical appointments and emergencies.
  3. Provide care for that animal if you must be away from home.
  4. Arrange appointments with prospective adopters so that they can meet your animal in the best situation for all concerned.
  5. Let the animal go to its new home or, in some cases, back to the Foster Care Coordinator if necessary.
  6. Realize that in some cases, an animal may not be adoptable and may have to be euthanized.


Anna Mize at 231-923-6563

  1. If you need help with food/transportation.
  2. If you have questions regarding a potential adopter.
  3. If your animal has behavior problems.
  4. If you feel medical attention is necessary.
  5. If unable to contact the foster coordinator in an emergency, take the pet to a veterinarian.

Foster Care Application

Please click on the picture to message us on Facebook about receiving an Application. Thank you for your consideration.