Meet the team members of LASSI

From left meet Lisa Rangel, Laura & Noel Goodrow, Anna Mize & Many Volunteers(not pictured).

Anna helped establish LASSI in 2011 as the Vice President. She has also helped build a large successful dog walking volunteer base at the shelter. Anna loves spending time with family, fur babies, walking, running and exercising.  

Lisa joined as Treasurer in 2014. She enjoys spending time with her family, fur babies and loves to cook & bake with her family. Lisa and family also volunteer for many non-profit organizations, shelters & rescues. 

Laura joined LASSI in 2016 as the Secretary & her husband Noel joined as Director in 2013. 

Noel accepted the Board President responsibility in 2016. Together the Goodrow's also enjoy spending time with family & fur babies as well as maintaining successful real estate properties. 

Becca, (not pictured), joined LASSI as a volunteer in 2016. She helps organize fundraisers and important events. Becca also enjoys spending time with her family & fur babies as well as volunteering as a avid dog walker and cat snuggler at the shelter. 

Joan, (not pictured), joined LASSI in 2016 as a volunteer of the board. Joan and her husband Jim retired from the Detroit area to Pentwater in October of 2012. Forever a lover of nature and animals (especially cats), Joan was soon drawn to volunteer with LASSI, which she continues in a variety of capacities. Joan helps write the newsletters as well.

MaryAnne, (not pictured), also joined LASSI in 2016. MaryAnn lives in Mears in the summer and Grand Rapids in the winter. She is retired and loves to walk dogs at the shelter; and adopted her dog from there. MaryAnn helps maintain & organize events, fundraisers and much more. 

Lisa P joined LASSI in 2016 as well. Lisa owns an Independent Jewelry Making Business. In her spare time, she volunteers writing much needed Grants for LASSI. She also devotes her spare time to many shelters & rescues and enjoys spending time with her family.

Also not pictured are the many, many dedicated volunteers that help with marketing, fundraising, grant writing and much much more. We are greatly appreciative to have them on our team and having so much of their support. 

All of us share the love of animals and a strong belief in their right for a second chance at being a wonderful & loving companion. We are all large supporters of our communities and giving back. We want to thank you for supporting LASSI.